Unauthorized Trading

Representing Investors Harmed by Unauthorized Trading

When parting with a financial advisor, investors should receive adequate notice for any trades being conducted within their accounts. When unauthorized trades occur, the results can cause significant financial damage to the investor.

At Lewitas Hyman, we represent clients nationwide who are the victims of unauthorized trading, breaches of fiduciary duty and other forms of financial advisor misconduct and securities fraud. Our team of lawyers brings a diverse range of knowledge and experiences to our clients’ cases. Having worked for financial institutions, including Morgan Stanley and UBS Financial Services, and regulators such as the SEC, we bring a deep knowledge of all aspects of securities law.

If your financial advisor made trades without your consent, you may be able to pursue a lawsuit to recoup your losses. We’ll help you understand your rights and options. Contact us at (312) 291-4600 or email our team to learn more.