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Securities fraud takes on many forms. Investors incur losses when companies, corporate insiders, hedge funds, private placement issuers, financial advisors and other financial professionals make false or misleading statements or fail to disclose material information. Other times, they promise unrealistic high returns or perpetrate fraud through the misuse or misappropriation of investment funds.

The investment fraud attorneys at Lewitas Hyman have decades of experience dealing with securities fraud cases and have a deep understanding of how capital markets and financial service firms are intended to work to protect investors. They work tirelessly to protect the rights and financial interests of those who have been victims in all manner of fraud cases.

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Unfortunately, the following types of securities fraud typically cause harm to investors, including:

  • Financial advisor misconduct
  • Ponzi, pyramid and prime bank schemes
  • Issuance of false and misleading statements by public companies, hedge funds and other private issuers
  • Misstatements of corporate earnings
  • Fraudulent representations relating to investments
  • Improper use of discretion
  • Conversion and theft
  • Breach of fiduciary and other duties
  • Failure to perform due diligence

These are complex civil cases that sometimes intersect with criminal prosecutions. Our investment fraud lawyers utilize an in-depth knowledge of the law as well as the finance industry to protect our clients’ rights and seek all available legal remedies.

A Full-Service Securities Law Firm

Lewitas Hyman routinely represents investors harmed when financial professionals and their firms engaged in misconduct that caused their clients investment losses. Our team includes security fraud attorneys who have worked for large financial institutions, including Morgan Stanley and UBS Financial Services, and regulatory bodies such as the SEC.

We bring a unique level of knowledge and experience when representing the rights of investors, including resolving cases through arbitration and litigation when necessary.

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