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Representing Investors Harmed by Financial Advisor Misconduct

Financial advisor misconduct takes many forms. Some investors are sold complex investments without receiving a proper explanation from the advisor. In other situations, financial advisors recommend high-risk investments or strategies that are inconsistent with an investor’s investment goals or risk tolerance. Financial advisors may make other misrepresentations concerning a particular investment’s features or risks, or act without even consulting their client. Resulting losses cost investors all or part of hard-earned savings that took years to accumulate.

The attorneys at Lewitas Hyman are uniquely qualified to represent individual investors in investment-related claims against financial professionals and their firms. We understand how financial professionals and their firms are supposed to operate through decades of experience working for the SEC and firms like Morgan Stanley and UBS Financial Services. While in private practice, we have represented individual clients and firms in investment loss matters.

We have experience dealing with a broad range of claims that rise to the level of financial advisor misconduct, including:

Our attorneys understand the financial and emotional ramifications of investment losses caused by financial professionals.

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