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information for attorneys

The content of this web site has been designed to be accessible to lay persons. Although many of the concepts and issues addressed are extremely complex in nature, an effort has been made to present the information so as to be comprehensible to typical investors and customers of brokerage firms. Use of legal citations, detailed discussion of judicial interpretation, quotations from legal authority and footnotes have been avoided intentionally. A concerted effort was made to avoid the use of legalese and even certain terms which are basic to the vocabulary of any self-respecting securities attorney.

It is hoped that the presentation of this material in such a manner will assist non-attorneys to better understand the laws and rules which are relevant to their investment activities and relations with their stockbrokers and brokerage firms. Much of the information is not readily available or accessible to non-professionals, and even many attorneys who do not specialize in this area may be unaware of some of these rules. The information contained herein may also be useful for a general practitioner or non-securities attorney in considering his own personal investment activity, investment activity in a fiduciary capacity, or in connection with the investment activity of clients. Harry S. Miller, Esq., is available to consult with other attorneys regarding securities fraud or stockbroker/customer disputes and related matters. Cases may be referred by other attorneys to Mr. Miller both for evaluation and for complete representation. Co-counsel arrangements are accepted as well as arrangements in which Mr. Miller's services are retained by other attorneys on a consulting basis.

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